Social media and active sourcing

Digital development and networking have turned social media from private self-projection into real social business. The development in these past years has clearly shown that companies cannot do without social media anymore.

Social media is based on the principle: exchange and dialogue!

The Web 2.0 has fundamentally changed the Internet. The use of Web 1.0 was limited to information procurement, whereas today self-presentation and dialogue have priority. In parallel, Web 2.0 has shifted the balance of power between sender and receiver. Through blogs, forums and social media platforms, anybody can become the sender of his own messages. Many companies have underestimated this development and suffered from painful experiences with shit-storms and trolling.

For companies, social media, provided they are effectively used, offer numerous opportunities to attract attention in an exciting, innovative way and to get in a dialogue with target groups. The functions of social media:

  • Increase publicity
  • Customer loyalty
  • Reach target groups
  • Promote reputation
  • Support brand building
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Enter into dialogue with employees, candidates and clients
  • Create trust
  • Real-time communication

The importance of social media is also rapidly increasing in the recruitment of personnel.

Active sourcing, recruitainmentand gamification are concepts that cannot be ignored by any personnel consultant nowadays. More and more, Facebook or Google+ replace the classic ways of internal communication or form already part of the in-house PR. The office grapevine, so important to the employees, is also shifting increasingly into the Web.Personnel consultants and HR-departments have the opportunity to spot the insights of the employees, to understand them and to take them into consideration in their future strategies.

Alpina HR Services disposes of a specialist network that can perfectly prepare your company for the Web 2.0. Depending on the needs and preferences, we give advice to your company on the target agreement and on the choice of the right social media.

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