Why Alpina?

Alpina HR Services is very well networked due to the long-term experience of our consultants. We are familiar with the market and we have the necessary know-how to provide challenging clients with highly specialised candidates. Our direct contact with decision makers and candidates alike produces a high success rate.

Recruitment: Internal and external search

The most important assignment in the human resources area is the search for qualified personnel. Your company has two options: internal and external recruitment of personnel.

Internal Search

Advantages of internal recruitment: your company can save costs and reduce fluctuation. Employees tend to be better motivated if internal career opportunities are available. This is where we offer our services. Alpina HR Services develops your employer branding and integrates the employees in the brand of your company. We provide for the experts dealing with the internal talent acquisition and advice you during the whole process. As external partner, Alpina HR Services assists you with complex issues of change-management and employer branding.

External search

For many companies, external recruitment is time-consuming and cost-intensive. If carried out by a professional and reliable agency, however, external search does have decisive advantages: the new candidate, provided for by Alpina HR Services, brings new ideas and new potential into your company. The professional expertise of your employees boosts and enhances competitiveness.

Integrating a new colleague can at times cause difficulties and need a long settling-in period. In order to avoid this factor and guarantee smooth integration of new employees, Alpina HR Services examines suitable candidates conscientiously and takes the selection criteria specified by the client into consideration.

Alpina’s personnel search

You are looking for highly qualified specialists? In that case, it can be profitable to bring in a recruitment consultant. We assist you during the entire recruiting process and purposefully contribute our complete know-how. Alpina HR Services offers various possibilities for the ideal recruitment:

  • Contracting and transitional solutions  
  • Permanent recruitment of suitable candidates
  • Project staffing
  • Professional sourcing of suitable candidates and making a preliminary selection
  • Specific contacting of favoured candidates (headhunting)

We work with the appointed employees on a basis of transparency and fairness. We only recommend employees whose qualifications we have verified and who have completed an internal assessment, if required. Alpina HR services is responsible for the recruitment: public job posting, selection of channels, selection and examination of candidates. Working with Alpina HR Services can be done “discretely” by request – thus without mention of the end client’s name. We have different models – please contact us.

Alpina HR Services finds the suitable employee for your enterprise. Profit from the long-term experience of our team and from an effective network. Use your resources and focus on your daily business. We offer our services custom-tailored – we look forward to hearing from you.